Greatest Marquette Basketball Plays Coasters

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Relive four of the greatest moments in Marquette basketball history. Each set comes with four laser-etched coasters depicting these historic plays:

1977 National Championship, Coach McGuire's Final Game
2003 Elite Eight, Wade's Triple Double Into the Final Four
2013 Round of 64, The Comeback
2013 Regular season, Winning the Big East

Rest your pint on history.

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1977 National Championship
Coach McGuire's Final Game
#7 Marquette vs #5 North Carolina
67 - 59
The OmniEasily the greatest moment in Marquette basketball history. Not only did this game give Marquette their only national championship title, it also marked the end of basketball HoF member, legendary coach Al McGuire. In true folklore fashion, McGurie was able to end his coaching career with the title.

2003 Elite Eight
Wade's Triple Double Into the Final Four
#3 Marquette vs #1 Kentucky
83 - 69
Hubert H. Humphrey MetrodomeGoing up against 1 seeded Kentucky, Marquette ended up dominating the game. Novak and Jackson both played terrific but it was Dwayne Wade's triple-double that led Marquette into the Final Four for the first time since winning the tournament in 1977.

2013 Round of 64
The Comeback
#3 Marquette vs #14 Davidson
59 - 58
Rupp Arena3 clutch three-pointers quickly diminished Davidson's lead and gave Vander Blue a chance for his second game-winning layup of the year, just weeks after he secured the Big East title for Marquette. He would deliver, clinching the comeback and providing the foundation for Marquette's Elite Eight run.

2013 Regular season
Winning the Big East
#15 Marquette vs # St. John's
69 - 67
Madison Square Garden (IV)Marquette's first and only regular season title of the Big East came in dramatic fashion as Vander Blue was able to give Marquette the winning basketball with only 1 second left in overtime. Blue's antics wouldn't end here as he continued his clutch scoring in the nat'l tournament later that month.