Greatest Clemson Plays Coasters

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Relive four of the greatest moments in Clemson football history. Each set comes with four laser-etched coasters depicting these historic plays:

2017 National Championship vs. Alabama - Second championship
2000 Battle of the Palmetto State vs. South Carolina - The Catch II
1982 National Championship vs. Nebraska - First championship
1977 Battle of the Palmetto State vs. South Carolina - The Catch

Rest your pint on history.

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Match Summaries

2017 National Championship
Second championship
2 Clemson vs. 1 Alabama
35 - 31
January 8, 2017
Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL
Fourth down began on the 2-yard line with 6 seconds remaining. Instead of playing it safe and sending the game into overtime with an easy field goal, Clemson had the courage to go for the win. Watson to Renfrow near the sideline for an immense, game-winning catch.
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2000 Battle of the Palmetto State
The Catch II
16 Clemson vs. 25 South Carolina
16 - 14
November 18, 2000
Memorial Stadium, Clemson, SC
Down by one with 19 seconds remaining, Clemson was still in their own half on third and long. Dantzler took the snap, rolled left, and threw a 50-yard pivotal pass to Gardner on the sideline. He reined in the ball while falling backwards and set Clemson up for the game-winning field goal.
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1982 National Championship
First championship
1 Clemson vs. 4 Nebraska
22 - 15
January 1, 1982
Orange Bowl, Miami, FL
Clemson capped off a perfect 11-0 season with its first national title. The team came out strong after half-time and put some real distance between the teams with a 13-yard touchdown pass from Jordan to Tuttle. Clemson held onto the lead and claimed the championship.
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1977 Battle of the Palmetto State
The Catch
15 Clemson vs. South Carolina
31 - 27
November 19, 1977
Williams-Brice Stadium, Columbia, SC
When South Carolina took the lead with 1:48 left, their QB taunted Clemson with a shirt that read ""No Cigars Today."" Furious, Clemson drove relentlessly to the 20. Under pressure, Fuller aimed to throw a pass out the back of the endzone; but Butler leapt and twisted for a spectacular catch.
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