Greatest 76ers Plays Coasters

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Relive four of the greatest moments in Philadelphia basketball history. Each set comes with four laser-etched coasters depicting these historic plays:

1967 Eastern Division Finals: Game 5, Boston is Dead!
1983 Regular Season, Rock the Baby
1983 Finals: Game 4, Sweeping for the Championship
1997 Regular Season, Iverson's Crossover on Jordan

Rest your pint on history.

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1967 Eastern Division Finals: Game 5
Boston is Dead!
Philadelphia vs Boston
140 - 116
Civic Center, Philadelphia, PA
Boston had won 8 consecutive Finals and beat Philadelphia in the previous 2 division finals. Down at halftime, Philly would take the lead in the 3rd and outscore Boston by 29 in the 2nd half to secure the series as chants from the crowd rung out "Boston is Dead!" They went on to win the 1967 Finals.

1983 Regular Season
Rock the Baby
Philadelphia vs Los Angeles
122 - 120
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
Consistently at the top of any "greatest in-game dunk in NBA history" list; Julius Erving's dunk is truly special. Dr. J changed the culture of the NBA and added more importance and entertainment to the dunk. Today's great dunkers like LeBron and Blake Griffin have the Doctor to thank for paving the way

1983 Finals: Game 4
Sweeping for the Championship
Philadelphia vs Los Angeles
115 - 108
The Forum, Inglewood, CA
With 19 secs left, Cheeks knocked the ball away from Kareem and found an open Moses Malone for the definitve slam to close out the game and series as Philadelphia would sweep L.A. and claim their 3rd championship. A truly great team - HOFers Erving and Malone led all-star teammates Cheeks, Toney, and Jones.

1997 Regular Season
Iverson's Crossover on Jordan
Philadelphia vs Chicago
104 - 108
CoreStates Center, Philadelphia, PA
Rookie Allen Iverson got the chance to have an isolation opportunity against the GOAT, Michael Jordan. What he did with this opportunity was a statement for what was to come throughout the remainder of his career with his legendary move. Left, right, left, and then it actually happened - a rookie crossed up Michael Jordan.