Greatest University of Miami Plays Coasters

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Relive four of the greatest moments in University of Miami football history. Each set comes with four laser-etched coasters depicting these historic plays:

1987 Regular Season - Irvin Conversion
1991 Regular Season - Wide Right I
2001 Regular Season - Reed's Return
1984 Orange Bowl - First National Title

Rest your pint on history.

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1987 Regular Season
Irvin Conversion
Miami vs. Florida State
26 - 25
October 3, 1987
Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, FL
Another classic in the Miami-Florida State rivalry with both teams ranked in the top 5 and naitonal championship aspirations. Miami was down 3-19 in the 3rd quarter but mounted a comeback to tie it up 19-19. However, with just over 2 minutes left and needing a 1st down conversion in their own territory an audibled play call at the line resulted in not just a first, but Michael Irvin streaking up the sidelines for a 73 yard TD. Miami would stay unbeaten throughout the season, winning their second national championship.
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1991 Regular Season
Wide Right I
Miami vs. Florida State
17 - 16
November 16, 1991
Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, FL
Wide Right I was the beginning of a series of missed game-winning or tying Florida State field goals that would result in a Miami win. Beating #1 ranked Florida State, Miami was able to knock their rivals out of national championship contention, overtaking the #1 spot as their own and would go on to finish the season beating Nebrakasa 22-0 in the Orange Bowl and winning their 4th national title in program history.
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2001 Regular Season
Reed's Return
Miami vs. Boston College
18 - 7
November 10, 2001
Alumni Stadium, Chestnut Hill, Massachusets
The 2001 Miami team is argued by some to be the best college football team of all time. However, against unranked Boston College, Miamifound themselves in serious trouble with 30 seconds left as Boston College had a 1st and Goal on Miami's 9 yard line. A bad loss to an unranked team here would have surely derailed Miami's championship hopes. Instead, a great defensive play resulted in an interception and what followed will be remember by man as Ed Reed stripped the ball from his own teammate and decided to return it all the way for a touchdown, essentially ending the game there. Many of the Miami players would cite this game as a crucial part of their season as a true "wake up call" and they would go on to roll past future opponents, including a demolition of #2 Nebraska in the Rose Bowl where the led 34-0 at halftime and would win their 5th championship.
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1984 Orange Bowl
First National Title
Miami vs. Nebraska
31 - 30
January 2, 1984
Miami Orange Bowl, Miami, FL
The final minute of the 1984 Orange Bowl became on of the most memorable moments in college football history. Rather than tying the game with an extra point, Nebraska to attempt to convert a 2-pt conversion to win but was unsuccessful. Miami, 10.5 point underdogs entering the game, would upset #1 Nebraska and win it's first national championship.
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