We've researched and diagrammed the greatest plays in sports history so fans can relive them. These moments are as much about us -- the fans -- as they are about the players.

We strive on being a technical brand that depicts accurate representations of how the plays occured while still providing a clear and aesthetic product for fans to enjoy.

This company all started as a gift for my brother and has steadily evolved as we've grown and hired some pretty amazing people to help push us further. Check out our team below!

Team Members

Victor Ko

Austin Lockwood

Founder and CEO

Favorite Play
"The Invincibles"
Arsenal vs Tottenham (2004)

Outside of Work
We try to get outdoors with our daughters as often as we can -- parks, hikes, swimming. Love soccer, reading, and spend too much time thinking about ops/process automation. Excited to get traveling again and work through a bucketlist of sporting events.

Alex Sears

Chief Operating Officer

Favorite Play
"Dallas Dagger"
Packers vs Seahawks (2017)

Outside of Work
I love sports and staying active. Typically play soccer several times a week and love to surf and snowboard when the conditions are right.
My other passion is traveling; 30+ countries and counting!
Marin Julia

Teague Harvey


Favorite Play
"Lavelle's Run"
USA Womens vs Japan (2015)

Outside of Work
In my spare time, I like to do flips, various circus things, and be active and in the outdoors.
I'm also studying to be a 'Alexander Technique' teacher - a process of unlearning habitual movement patterns
Marin Julia

Alex "AP" Perry

Social Media Manager

Favorite Play
"Iverson crossover"
76ers vs Bulls (1997)

Outside of Work
I play in year round city basketball leagues, and I’m a national champion in Taekwondo. I love bike riding, and just being outside in general. I want to travel to every place I can!
Marin Julia

Kelly Snow

Customer Support Specialist

Favorite Play
"The Jump Throw'
Yankees vs Indians (1998)

Outside of Work
A native New Yorker now in the PNW. I love to get outdoors as much as possible with my family- rock climbing, hiking, parks. Love reading books on Philosophy, and baking anything with chocolate!