Greatest Buccaneers Plays Coasters

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Relive four of the greatest moments in Tampa Bay history. Each set comes with four laser-etched coasters depicting these historic plays:
Super Bowl XXXVII vs Oakland - Defense Wins Championships
2003 Conference Championship vs Philadelphia - Pick 6 to seal it
2007 Regular Season vs Atlanta - The First Return
2002 Regular Season vs Cleveland - Aboard the A-Train
Rest your pint on history.
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Super Bowl XXXVII
Defense Wins Championship
Tampa Bay vs Oakland
48 - 21
January 26, 2003
Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, CA
We all know the story. One of the best defenses the league has ever seen led Tampa Bay to the franchise's first championship. Derrick Brooks' late game interception return cemented the victory as it put the game far out of reach.
2003 Conference Championship
Pick 6 to seal it
Tampa Bay vs Philadelphia
27 - 10
January 19, 2003
Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA
Tampa Bay turned off the lights at Veterans Stadium. Traveling to Philadelphia was a nightmare for several years including playoff loses. However, the 2003 playoff run ended this fear in fantastic fashion. Barber's Pick 6 took the breath out of the stadium and sealed Tampa's place in the Super Bowl.
2007 Regular Season
The First Return
Tampa Bay vs Atlanta
37 - 3
December 16, 2007
Raymond James Stadium
As surprising as it may sound, Tampa Bay didn't have a single kickoff returned for a touchdown in the team's first 32 seasons. Michael Spurlock's return in the 2007 season against Atlanta finally snapped the curse, a truly glorious moment in the team's history.
2003 Regular Season
Aboard the A-Train
Tampa Bay vs Cleveland
17 - 3
October 13, 2002
Raymond James Stadium
All Aboard the A-Train. Mike Alstott was one of the biggest bruising backs in league history. His runs captivated Tampa Bay faithful and any real fan can remember his run against Cleveland as he ran through what seemed to be the entire Cleveland team. The original Beast Mode.