Greatest Kings Plays Coasters

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Relive four of the greatest moments in Sacramento basketball history. Each set comes with four laser-etched coasters depicting these historic plays:
1996 Western Conference First Round: Game 2 vs Seattle - The Rock
1999 Regular Season vs Seattle - White Chocolate
2001 Western Conference First Round: Game 4 vs Phoenix - First Series Win
2002 Western Conference Finals: Game 5 vs Los Angeles - The Shot

Rest your pint on history.
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1996 Western Conference First Round: Game 2
The Rock
Sacramento vs Seattle
90 - 81
April 28, 1996
KeyArena, Seattle, WA
Easily one of the top two Sacramento players ever, Mitch "The Rock" Richmond. His 37 points gave Sacramento their first ever playoff win and tons of entertainment during seasons where Sacramento couldn't ever fully put it together. His number is the first number retired by the team.
1999 Regular Season
White Chocolate
Sacramento vs Seattle
109 - 106
February 17, 1999
KeyArena, Seattle, WA
Rookie Jason Williams found himself on a breakaway with 9x All-Defensive First Team selection Gary Payton in front of him. With the confident swagger fans would grow accustomed to, "White Chocolate" hit Payton with a crossover that gave him no other option but attempt to trip Williams as he blew by.
2001 Western Conference First Round: Game 4
First Series Win
Sacramento vs Phoenix
89 - 82
May 2, 2001
America West Arena, Phoenix, Arizona
Searching for Sacramento's first series win, Webber (15 and 10) and Stojaković (37 points) took over the game but it was a late shot from Pollard that helped to seal the win. Christie followed up with a breakaway layup from a steal to stretch the lead to six, essentially cementing the victory.
2002 Western Conference Finals: Game 5
The Shot
Sacramento vs Los Angeles
92 - 91
May 28, 2002
ARCO Arena (II), Sacramento, California
The greatest shot in Sacramento history. Trailing by 1 with just over 11 seconds, a well drawn up inbound play allowed Bibby a clear shot which he knocked down and took the series lead 3-2 against Kobe and Shaq's LA team. While the series' finish wasn't ideal, this shot will always be remembered.