Greatest Nebraska Plays Coasters

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Relive four of the greatest moments in Nebraska football history. Each set comes with four laser-etched coasters depicting these historic plays:

1997 Big 12 Conference Game - The Flea Kicker
1994 National Championship - Fifth championship
1995 Fiesta Bowl, National Championship - Frazier's Run
1971 Regular Season - Rodgers' Punt Return in Game of the Century

Rest your pint on history.

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1997 Big 12 Conference Game
The Flea Kicker
Nebraska vs. Missouri
45 - 38
November 8, 1997
Faurot Field, MO
Entering the game as the #1 ranked team in America, Nebraska found themselves down against an unranked Missouri team with only 7 seconds left. Frost dropped back and found Wiggins in the endzone, only for him to drop the pass through his hands. However, as he was tackled he kicked the ball into the air. Davison was the first to react, diving out to get his hands underneath the ball just before it reached the ground. Touchdown.
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1995 National Championship
Fifth championship
Nebraska vs. Miami
24 - 17
January 1, 1995
Miami Orange Bowl, Miami, FL
Nebraska trailed by 8 halfway through the 4th quarter in the 1995 National Championship game. Finishing off the drive a TD was crucial. Nebraska baited the Miami defense outside with the option. Instead, Schlesinger took the handoff from the fullback and steamrolled his way to a 14 yard TD to give Nebraska a 24-17 lead. The defense held on to win the national championship, the first from their 1990's collection.
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1996 Fiesta Bowl, National Championship
Frazier's Run
Nebraska vs. Florida
62 - 24
January 2, 1996
Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, Arizona
In the 1996 national championship game Nebraska's 524 rushing yards set the record for the most ever in a bowl game, a record which stood until 2015. This is helped in part by one of the greatest CFB runs in history. Running their notorious option offense, QB Tommy Frazier kept the ball and powered towards a 75 yard TD run, breaking at least 7 tackles and being touched by 10 on his way.
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1971 Regular Season
Rodgers' Punt Return in Game of the Century
Nebraska vs. Oklahoma
35 - 31
November 25, 1971
Owen Field, Norman, OK
In the Game of the Century, #1 Nebraska faced #2 Oklahoma for a game which would not dissapoint. Off to a cracking start, just minutes into the game, heisman trophy winner Johnny Rodgers would evade nearly every Sooner on the field to return a 73 yard punt return. Nebraksa would go on to finish the season as national champions, beating Alabama in the Orange Bowl where Rodgers would also return a punt for a touchdown.
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