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Where's my order?

Why hasn't my order shipped yet?

Tracking hasn't updated

What's my tracking number?

Part of my order arrived

Tracking says "delivered" but I don't have it

I think my package was stolen

My order was supposed to ship already

Will my order arrive by the holidays?

Product issues

My product is broken, damaged, or missing

This is not what I ordered

The product doesn't look like the photos

I made a mistake

I ordered to the wrong shipping address

I ordered the wrong product

I want a refund

I want a refund


Shipping changes

Can I change my shipping address

Can I update my shipping speed?

Shipping speeds

What shipping speeds are available?

International orders

Do you ship to UK or Europe?

Do you ship to Canada or Mexico?

Do you ship elsewhere in the world?


Slate Coasters

What are these made out of?

What's on the bottom?

What's laser-etching? Are the designs printed?

Will the designs fade?

How can I best take care of my coasters?

Do you include play descriptions?

Other products

Can I get it sooner?


Wrong details

Wrong billing address

I ordered with the wrong credit card


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