2020 Holiday Order Cutoff

All new orders will likely be shipped after the holidays.
We do have some coasters still in stock at Amazon.
Digital Gift Cards are available.

As a stand-in, many customers in the past have printed the product page with the play descriptions and photos in lieu of the gift (until it arrives).

A personal note:

This cutoff is earlier than I'd like, too.  Due to California's lockdown earlier this year, we had less time to stock inventory than usual.  Now, California has unfortunately (for many reasons) resumed shelter-in-place due to COVID.  At this busy time of year, I would normally bring in contractors to help me run the machines, unpack materials, and box up orders, but that is no longer an option.

Still, I'll be running the lasers for as many hours as I can stay awake each day right up until the USPS deadline.  I'll push as hard as I can to get through any additional orders past the current queue, but it's unlikely I'll get too far beyond the existing orders until after the holidays.

I hope everyone stays safe this holiday season, thank you to everyone who chose our products for gifts this year, and sorry to everyone who will be disappointed by this announcement -- trust me, I am, too.

Founder and CEO