Affiliate details and tips

We're here to get you ready!

We're excited that you've joined us as an affiliate.
You should be too! Before you starting sharing, let's go over a few details...


To start off, we recommend looking over this page for an overview of how you can use your affiliate portal.

Generally, there are two important pieces of information:


Referral Code

Above is "Create Link to a Specific Page". It's pretty self-explanatory. You can use this to your advantage by having the link go directly to a product page (coaster set, mug, etc...) or to a general team collection page.

For example, if you're post is specifically about our coaster sets - you can link it directly to the coasters product page. Conversely, if your post says "check out their entire collection" you can link it to the general collection page (Yankees, Lakers, etc..)

Shorten Link

This is ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT. We have found that Twitter and other social media sites sometimes don't process the affiliate link properly (plus, it's long and takes up character limit on tweets).

Use the "Shorten Link (" to get the correct link you should share. This fixes any problems and ensures you get the commission you deserve.

Bonus Info: your link tags customers with a cookie for up to 30 days so if they click on the link but revisit our site 2 weeks later, you will still be rewarded!

Other Tips


Including photos is always recommended. We've found that using photos of actual products works best but feel free to copy and paste our images from our website as well.


Using team hashtags can help gain a larger reach/audience. Similarly, anything that is "of the moment" for a particular game or moment.


Not only do we ask you to tag us - but perhaps tag any players, teams, journalists or whoever! If your tweet gets retweeted by a huge account, it only will lead you to have more sales and commission!

Be Creative 

The best posts we have ever seen are of our affiliates being creative! Some fun ideas:

  • As shown above, a side-by-side view of the play and the product
  • Unboxing video of you opening the coasters
  • Lifestyle shots
  • Video of you gifting them to someone
  • So many more!

Be Genuine

The creative aspect of this is 100% up to you. If you prefer to make it clear that this is sponsored, that is your choice. Regardless, we hope that you have chosen to become an affiliate because you truly like our products. Have that come through in your posts! Your excitement about our products can get your followers excited about them as well.

  • Additionally - please tag us in the post!

You can post however much or as little as you like. This is your page and you have complete control over this.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing your future posts!