Greatest Texas Football Plays: Leatherette Coasters (Set of 4)

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Relive four of the greatest moments in Texas football history. Each set comes with four laser-etched coasters depicting these historic plays:

2006 National Championship vs USC - The Greatest Game Ever
1977 Red River Rivalry vs Oklahoma - Campbell rushes for 124yds
1996 Big 12 Championship vs Nebraska - Roll Left
1969 Regular Season vs Arkansas - Game of the Century

These leatherette coasters are laser-etched to reveal a vibrant silver foil.
- Size: 4" x 4" x 0.15" per coaster
- Weight: 0.15lbs (4oz) per coaster
- Stitched border

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2006 National Championship
The Greatest Game Ever
Texas vs USC
41 - 38
4 January, 2006
In what has been called the greatest gamed ever played, Texas, led by Vince Young, beat USC for the National Championship. Down by 5, with the clock ticking down it was 4th and 5 at the 8. Young ran for the touchdown, all but securing Texas the championship with only 19 seconds remaining.

1977 Red River Rivalry
Campbell rushes for 124yds
Texas vs Oklahoma
13 - 6
8 October, 1977
In a dramatic Red River Shootout, Texas lost both their first and second string quarterbacks and untested Randy McEachern had to step up. But the real hero of the game was Earl Campbell who rushed for 124 yards an the only touchdown of the game.

1996 Big 12 Championship
Roll Left
Texas vs Nebraska
37 - 27
7 December, 1996
Texas pulled a huge upset against Nebraska to win the Big 12 Championship in 1996. Up 30 - 27 with 2:28 remaining in the 4th quarter coach John Mackovic made a daring call to pass on 4th and inches. QB James Brown found Derek Lewis to get the 1st down and set up the game clinching touchdown.

1969 Regular Season
Game of the Century
Texas vs Arkansas
15 - 14
6 December, 1969
Now referred to as the Game of the Century, Texas scored all 15 of their points in the 4th quarter. Facing a 4th and 3 coach Darrell Royal called for a "Right 53 Veer Pass." QB James Street got the ball to Randy Peschel who picked up 44yds and got Texas in range for the game winning touchdown.

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My husband loved the Villanova coasters! Get product.

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I was disappointed that the lettering is difficult to read in some places.

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