Champion Virginia Basketball 2019 Plays: Slate Coasters (Set of 4)

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Relive four of the champion 2019 moments in Virginia basketball history. Each set comes with four laser-etched coasters depicting these historic plays:

2019 National Championship vs Texas Tech - Hunter sends it to OT
2019 Round of 16 vs Oregon - Go-ahead three
2019 South Regional Final vs Purdue - Diakite's buzzer-beater
2019 National Semifinals vs Auburn - Ice Cold Guy

These slate coasters are laser-etched indelibly into the stone itself.
- Size: 4" x 4" x 0.25" per coaster
- Weight: 0.25lbs (4oz)
- Natural edge

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2019 National Championship
Hunter sends it to OT
Virginia vs Texas Tech
85 - 77
8 April, 2019
The game had been neck-and-neck. Down by 3, Jerome brought the ball up in what would likely be Virginia's last possession. A brief pause, then he drove to the hoop off the shoulder of Key's pick and three of Texas Tech's players collapsed on Jerome, leaving Hunter wide open in the corner. A quick dish and a smooth three sent the game to overtime where Virginia would control the game.

2019 Round of 16
Go-ahead three
Virginia vs Oregon
53 - 49
28 March, 2019
Freshman Clark sunk a three to tie the game at 45, and Virginia's next possession would see them take the lead. Jerome brought the ball up and dished it to Clark, who swung it back out wide to Jerome whose looping run ended above the arc. A clean shot and Virginia would keep the lead.

2019 South Regional Final
Diakite's buzzer-beater
Virginia vs Purdue
80 - 75
30 March, 2019
Down by 2, Jerome was on the line and missed his free throw. Diakite, surrounded by Purdue players, got to the rebounded and swatted the ball back into Virginia's own half. Clark would run it down, swing briefly out wide while looking for the pass, then fling a half-court pass back to Diakite just outside the key. Diakite brought the ball down and immediately hopped back into the air for a quick jumper that would hit just after regulation time expired. Virginia would go on to win in overtime.

2019 National Semifinals
Ice Cold Guy
Virginia vs Auburn
63 - 62
6 April, 2019
Things were getting dicey when Jerome flung it out to Guy in the corner with the clock running low. Guy pulled up with no time to get properly set, but nails the three to bring the game within 1. Auburn would hit a free throw, and then the ball would fall into Guy's hands in the other corner for another three with the clock under a second. The shot would miss, but there was a whistle. Guy was clearly fouled on his legs, and would drain all three free throws to seal the game.

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Great gift

I got these for my dad for Father's Day, and he loved them. Just when you think you've seen every piece of memorabilia, someone comes up with something clever and sleek like this!

Amanda Cole

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