Republican Presidents First Pitches Slate Coasters (Set of 4)

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Relive four of the champion first_pitches moments in Republican Presidents baseball history. Each set comes with four laser-etched coasters depicting these historic plays:

2001 World Series: Game 3, First Pitch vs Arizona - United we stand
2015 ALDS: Game 3, First Pitch vs Kansas City - The Bush's take the field
1988 Season Opener, First Pitch vs Pittsburgh - Reagan
1957 Season Opener, First Pitch vs Washington - Ike opens the season

These slate coasters are laser-etched indelibly into the stone itself. - Size: 4" x 4" x 0.25" per coaster - Weight: 0.25lbs (4oz) - Natural edge

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2001 World Series: Game 3, First Pitch
United we stand
Republican Presidents vs Arizona
2 - 1
30 October, 2001
The first game in New York of the series, President Bush delivered the first pitch signaling to the nation that life will go on and united, we will stand.

2015 ALDS: Game 3, First Pitch
The Bush's take the field
Republican Presidents vs Kansas City
4 - 2
11 October, 2015
Former President George H.W. Bush takes the mound accompanied by his wife, First Lady Barbara Bush. A special moment.

1988 Season Opener, First Pitch
Republican Presidents vs Pittsburgh
9 - 10
30 September, 1988
The Gipper threw out the first pitch in a game that went extra innings.

1957 Season Opener, First Pitch
Ike opens the season
Republican Presidents vs Washington
6 - 7
15 April, 1957
Eisenhower opened the season in Washington (whose team was the Senators) against the Orioles.

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Liz Ferguson
Chipped corner

I purchased a set for a gift for my husband. We were disappointed to find that one of the corners on one coaster was completely chipped off. We've requested a new set, however it hasn't been resolved.

Chris (Braves Fan)
Waited 25 years for this World Championship great gift

As a Braves Fan we had to wait quite a while for this championship. When I saw these I had to get them for some of my family for Christmas who are avid Braves Fans. When they arrived they were not in great shape. I contacted customer service and they went above and beyond. They replaced both sets free of charge and told me not to send back the defective ones. While on Christmas I gifted the defective coasters both my sister and son went absolutely nuts. I told them that the replacements would come soon but couldn't make it in time for Christmas. Both responded these are the coolest things they got this year and after having waited 26 years for this championship what's a couple extra weeks. I have to say I couldn't be happier for the unique gift idea from Playbook Products or with their response to the original defective coasters. The new ones arrived and have been delivered to the appropriate recipients and they were as excited as they were Christmas morning. To say the least I will be ordering several other sets of other coasters for other members of my Family. I've got an Ohio State fan that will be getting her set for her birthday. Thanks again Playbook Products for great gift ideas and for Exceptional Customer Service.

We are customers for life and have forwarded your company link to all our friends that are sports fanatics that need or want unique gift ideas. You all hit a Grand Slam for me this Christmas so Thanks again for making me an MVP Gift Giver!

Dwight Gross

I ordered on Dec 27th. Today is January 12th and it still hasn’t shipped.

Great set of coasters!

Got these for my brother, who is a big soccer fan. He loves them! The coasters are great quality and they were such a unique gift!